5 Foods that Make you Sleepy After Lunch

5 Foods that Make you Sleepy After Lunch

Do you find yourself wanting to take a nap after lunch? Your food-choices could be to blame.
Avoid these five foods to skip that midday slump.

1. LettuceLettuce

Although this leafy vegetable is enjoyed by most as the light, healthy lunch of choice, it actually has sedative properties that affect your brain in a similar way to opioids thanks to its levels of a substance called lactucin.



2. Pasta

The high flor and sugar content might give an initial burst of energy but when digested, the rise in blood sugar levels is followed by a sharp decrease in insulin levels which can leave you feeling fatigued and weak. Similar effects can follow from consuming bread and pastries.



3. HummusHummus

This Middle-Eastern spread made of chickpeas is rich in tryptophan and B-vitamins such as folate and B-6, all of which can play a role in affecting your energy levels. Folate helps to regulate sleep patterns while B-6 helps to regulate your body clock.

Red Meat4. Red Meat

A nice steak might be delicious but it is also difficult to digest. To break down the meat, the body increases its blood flow to the stomach which can leave you feeling tired after a while. Choosing a lighter protein option will improve your energy levels throughout the day.

5. SalmonSalmon

This fish is a natural source of protein and beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids making it a healthy lunch option but it is also packed with vitamin B6 which is used to produce melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone

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