Five Places to Source Local Foods for Spring

Five Places to Source Local Foods for Spring

If you want to eat better, consider locally-sourced foods for your family. This may also help you adapt to eating seasonally, which guarantees your foods are less-processed and preserved. Eating seasonally is simply a more flavorful and healthful way to live!

There are essentially seven benefits of eating locally-sourced food:

  1. It is fresher.
  2. More nutrients.
  3. Safer with fewer preservatives and additives.
  4. It is easier to determine where it was grown.
  5. Benefits the environment.
  6. Support local businesses.
  7. It tastes better!

Eating locally-sourced food means stepping away from the comfort-zone of big-box grocery stores. Begin researching local farms and growers, and keep an eye out for farm-fresh food wherever you happen to go. Plan where you will find quality food this spring, and check out the following five sources:

1. Farmers’ markets

Check your local newspaper or social media groups for farmers’ markets and green-markets in your area. These vendors are rich sources of locally-grown food, and this is typically where many eateries and food trucks buy their staples. The food isn’t being shipped across the country, so it is fresher, and it is usually grown organically, which has numerous health advantages, including contributing to a greener-environment.

2. Farm Shares

If you want a steady-supply of locally-grown foods, consider investing in farm shares. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are programs where individuals and families pay for a monthly or seasonal membership to a farm, which in turn provides fresh produce, dairy, and even meat to their sponsors via delivery or pick-up service. This helps both the consumer of the locally-sourced food and is a convenient way to have access to these goods, but also helps to sustain the farmer and contribute to the local economy in a positive way. Farms typically advertise when shares are available for the coming harvest season.

3. Organic grocers

Do you have an organic grocer in your region? Even if it is a little out of your way, patronizing these types of businesses ensures that they thrive and proper, bringing organic foods to the area.

4. Roadside stands

Keep your eyes open for roadside stands that could be a good source of locally-grown foods during the spring, summer, and fall. The best fruits and vegetables are often found at a produce stand, and the prices are usually quite competitive.

5. Community gardens

Running out of options for locally-sourced food? Grow your own! Take part in a community garden, which often provide green-space to individuals and businesses in urban areas. If you are fortunate enough to have property that accommodates a garden, invite others to participate and plant their own beds and crops, too. Pay heed to using organic materials, natural pesticides, and producing the finest, healthiest foods possible.

Start adapting to locally-sourced foods for your family this spring. Seek out local food sources, including farmers’ markets, CSAs, Organic grocery stores, produce stands- or grow your own! Enjoy a diverse, more flavorful diet when you eat seasonal, locally-grown foods.

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