Get Addicted to Healthy Foods in 30 Days

Get Addicted to Healthy Foods in 30 Days

Get Addicted to Healthy Foods in 30 Days

If only a person could trade in their cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks for an addiction to healthy foods- you can! Any behavior can be fostered into a habit; it only takes time and perseverance. Make this the year that you change things up and take control of the cravings that can derail your resolution to eat better.

Use these tips to get addicted to healthy, wholesome foods:

Come up with a plan.

Getting over cravings for unhealthy food and replacing it with a desire for healthier options requires a plan. Use these strategies when shopping for staples and getting ready to embark on your new, healthy habits:

  • Clear out the junk. Clean out your kitchen cupboards and fridge, and get rid of unhealthy, processed foods.
  • Make eating healthy easy. Carry around healthy snacks wherever you go.
  • When cravings hit, have a ‘sandwich’. ‘Sandwich’ the foods you crave between healthy foods, so that you are less inclined to crave more of it. If you crave a candy bar, have it in the middle of your healthy meal so it is not the first or last taste that you have.

Take control of your cravings.

People typically crave things that they enjoy regularly or that are familiar to them. Abstaining from these foods for 30-days or more can actually make you lose your taste or affinity for those unhealthy items.

Try this! Choose a food that you eat routinely and that is not particularly good for you, such as chocolate or sugary cereal; steer clear of this food for a month and then splurge. Does it still taste good? Is it too sweet for your taste? Many will find these foods less appealing after taking a break from eating them.

Break the habit.

Many believe that it takes 30 days to create a new pattern, behavior, or habit. This includes breaking an old, unhealthy behavior, too.

Some ways to begin breaking bad eating habits include:

  • Admit to the unhealthy behavior.
  • Identify your triggers for the behavior.
  • Create new healthier habits and replace old behaviors.
  • Give yourself some credit for being able to take control.
  • Make a solid plan.
  • Get started!
  • Seek support.
  • Reward yourself.
  • Be forgiving of relapses and get back on track.

Be cognizant of behaviors and triggers that cause cravings for certain, unhealthy foods; start fostering your addiction to healthy options and explore different produce, foods, and products that tantalize your taste buds but that still fit in your aim to eat well. Use these insights to get addicted to something good for you- healthy food!

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